Things I love now

October Likes
A jumble sale find - love the graphics.

As a student at the University of Sussex in the late 70's I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Charleston when it was still a private home. Our professor Norbert Lynton arranged with Angelica Garnett for us to stay overnight. I remember little other than the thrill of sleeping in a rickety iron bed with a Roger Fry painting over it. And the glorious painted fireplace. Cressida Bell, Vanessa's grandaughter is keeping the decorative spirit alive with her work and I particularly like her trees on this illustration. Interestingly enough, Quentin Bell, Cressida's father was Professor of Art History at Sussex but left two years before I got there. My loss I feel. And reading his successor, Norbert Lynton's obituary, I remember being taught to look and look and look again to find new ways of seeing. Which somehow leads neatly to my blog, where I can share things that I see with you all.
March likes
I'm really in to anything flowery at the moment. I've done a couple of jumble sales recently and found these two little pictures. And then I visited my mother on Mothers Day and she had a beautiful needlepoint made by her friend Peggy, who is sadly no longer with us. Their friendship lasted 60 years and my mum made the needlepoint into a cushion to be sold in aid of a school in Rwanda run by Peggy's daughter.  Needless to say I bought it!

The jumble sale also had lots of lovely fabrics and some wonderful vinyl singles, of which this is one. I'm going to frame them all soon.

But the best thing of all was that I found a needlepoint picture for oldpolicehouse as she's been poorly. Get well soon!

February likes
I really like Homemaker china. I bought this plate in Winchester years ago. More recently I passed on buying a plate in a similar design called Parisienne. At £15 it semed a bit pricey on the market in Winchester.
And I love old Sunday School pictures like this one. Usually found on my trawls through charity shops. Do let me know if you see any!
January likes
Currently I'm really enjoying my Christmas present from Son Number One.
It's an Orla Kiely storage jar - find them in The Hambledon in Winchester. It reminds me of the Hornsea orange and brown patterned china of my youth.

I love anything from my childhood in the fifties and sixties especially my old ladybird books and my babywalker.
Typefaces and fonts of all kinds (but lets hear it for Gill Sans).
The 1930's seaside be it Deauville, Cornwall or Burgh Island
Paisley and saris (inspired by my sister in law Faye Panchal's beautiful paintings). Check out Faye's blog!
Russian Dolls and Nordic folklore designs
Traditional Guernsey and Aran sweater designs.
And in particular that 30's green colour.