Saturday, 25 February 2012

Stormy weather....

I've recently become rather too well acquainted with my gall bladder, so making and baking have ground to a halt a bit. Still, I had a few thing on the go that I wanted to share with you. So, join me, make a cup of tea with skimmed milk, forget about the biscuit because I can't have one, sit back and enjoy!

I have finally finished my knitted purses. They are stiffened with vilene and have very wacky linings - all designed to hold that "stuff" that rattles around the bottom of your handbag  (pen, nailfile, tampons, painkillers
tissues, you know how it is!) Or for that moment when you're going out, don't need the full handbag but still want somewhere for the phone and lippy - (and his keys and phone!)

I had also painted some little heart keyrings, but are still a work in progress!


  1. Love all your makes, especially the purses and love the wacky linings. Julie xxx

  2. Lovely makes Jane, the purses are especially fab. Get better very soon xx

  3. Ilove your makes too they are so cute xx