Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Our annual round robin.....

Happy Christmas to all our friends!

He had a fantastic year as far as business was concerned. The credit crunch has meant a fair amount of belt tightening at home though so there was no holiday, but he has done the usual amount of travelling for work. He continues to work in Northampton but now spends more time in the City which he quite enjoys.  He continues to supervise home groups and has various other roles at church which keep him busy. Dave really enjoyed the company of friends old and new this year and is just about getting used to his eldest son being away at uni.  He has formed a lasting attachment to his cat Archie and is looking forward to watching Scotland beat England in the Six Nations in person next year.

Still at 6th form college, off on a management training course next year. Doing more craft stuff now that I have time and have finally joined a Book Group. Doing far too much socialising but am very happy and enjoying life. Church is still a big part of what I do – catering, singing etc. Missing Jonny, but it hasn’t been as traumatic as I thought – more of a relief in some ways! Less washing, less cooking,  smaller food bills, less ironing……..

Finally packed his bags and left home! Has spent his first term at Aberdeen Uni and has survived. Works as a barista in Starbucks, leads worship in his new church, cooked a Christmas dinner for 21 of his fellow students in halls (they all lived to tell the tale!) and has found time to really enjoy studying History. He also visits Dave’s parents every other week. I wonder if their living in Aberdeen had anything to do with his uni choice!

Is 13. Enough said. He plays trumpet in two orchestras now and endures the rugby team at school. He really likes his friends and his ipod touch. Or whatever screen he can find! Doing well at school and about to make his options choices for GCSE. Absolutely loved the snow and disappeared sledding for two days with friends! Has missed Jonny loads (not) and vies for Archie’s attention with his Dad. Growing fast, size 13 feet in the Gagel tradition and 5’ 10’’ for those of you who like to keep tabs on this kind of thing.

Dorothy, Jane’s mum, is still going strong and spent the summer in California with her sister. She was 85 this year and is as independent as ever

Dave and I will be celebrating 25 years of marriage next year.  We hope to see some of you when we get round to partying!

In the meantime, as always, have a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and let’s hope the New Year isn’t as bad as everyone is predicting!

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