Monday, 4 April 2011


The Easter holidays are almost upon us. I've painted my Easter eggs for the Easter tree. I've bought eggs for friends and family. Mothering Sunday (I prefer the old fashioned wording) is done and dusted and so is My Mother's 86th birthday. The school Spring Concert has been attended and was suprisingly enjoyable. The blossom came off the cherry tree in the garden in a nanosecond yesterday, but the magnolia stellata planted two years ago has flowered gloriously this month. Number One Son has seen fit not to spend his Spring Break (as we must now call it I suppose) with us. Instead he is cycling round the Western Isles, dragging whisky ashore on Barra, buying jackets in Harris and sailing over the sea to Skye on a holiday that sounds like a remake of Brigadoon. April also brings the joys of financial planning. How much will we have to spend in the coming year? Depends on the size of Number Two Son's feet, as always.

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  1. ahh financial planning! so long as there is a crafty budget we will be fine! I love the colours on your blog x