Monday, 16 January 2012

Afternoon Off

It was lovely seeing My Mother at the weekend, who bought me a bunch of my favourite tulips. With her back home, I had a bit of a baking session this afternoon. Got ahead of the game by making lasagne and a chicken pie for the freezer, as well as bread and butter pudding for tea tonight. However may have pushed things a little too far by making flapjacks as well. Go to my Bakery page for tips on how not to make crunchy (as opposed to chewy) flapjacks. And check out my blanket knitting progress on my Makery page. I found a much reduced Amy Butler pattern for a fab picnic blanket that is keeping me busy. Just need to work out how to afford the wool now....


  1. I love tulips and your house looks perfect xx

  2. Ah, chose the tidiest room!